Temple Martial Arts takes child protection very seriously. Our fully qualified black belt instructors have all been subject to DBS (formerly CRB) checks to ensure their suitability to work with children and vulnerable adults. They are all also fully insured.

Chief Instructor

Andy Drumgold

Master Andy Drumgold, Rokudan (6th Dan)

Andy started training in martial arts iin 1987, trying local clubs in boxing and Shotokan karate. In 1988 he found Wado Ryu karate and stayed with this association for approximately 3˝ years until leaving when his instructor started his own clubs locally. After being loyal to this club for a further couple of years he decided to leave and graded his 1st Dan with a new association. Having a new, traditional instructor he worked hard in his karate whilst also training in Ju-Jutsu, Kobujutsu and Thai-Boxing.

In the late 1980s Andy decided to try martial arts and, as many youngsters, didn't know anything apart from aggression and strength and what was perceived from films etc. At one time, after trying all the local options in St.Neots, such as boxing, judo and shotokan karate, friends of Andy's at the time introduced him to thai boxing with Nigel Howlett, who trained many experienced fighters (a real eye opener ). Also, his then work mate introduced Andy to T.A.G.B. Peterborough Taekwondo where Andy found a love of jumping techniques. Andy then found Murrain Sports Karate, founded and still run by Clayton Murrain, then a 5th dan. Andy loved it and trained a minimum, in this chain of clubs, of at least 4 to 5 times a week. He stayed with this club until leaving with his instructor to start his own clubs locally. Soon after this Andy realised that this was a mistake and found a traditional instructor who graded Andy's 1st dan. Whilst training in karate Andy started ju jutsu and soon also loved this art form, realising the art's potential.

In 1993 Andy met through his then ju jutsu instructor Grand Master Skates, who teaches many chinese art forms in the Sudbury area and is also a general practitioner in traditional chinese medecine. Andy was hooked and trained with Sifu Skates taking many of his students along for training and any medical needs. Andy's training etc. gained him membership of the S.O.M.A. association which lasted for approx 4 years. In 1997 Andy was in trouble and realised our club needed a much higher grade than himself (2nd dan) to grade 3 of his students to their black belts. He therefore contacted the Amatuer Martial Arts Association (A.M.A.), who linked him with Master Tim Greaves from Lincoln. This was a perfect match for Andy, and Master Greaves not only graded those 3 black belts but some of Andy's belts as well as other black belts. Andy went to train with Master Greaves on many occasions, in karate mainly with some ju jutsu and weapons, and had the chance to meet and train with Master Greaves instructor, Soke Brian Walsh, who is a inspiration also. To this day Andy still believes it was the right decision for the club. We, as a club, followed Master Greaves to NAKMAS association where we are still at the present time. We recently trained with the Shukukai club, with Senseis Sugasawa and Tim Shaw who are inspirational in the traditional side of Wado Ryu karate.

Andy although extremely busy still has a love and passion for martial arts and hopes to continue for many years to come.

Sensei Andy has concentrated mainly on Wado Ryu karate and is proud to have graded and trained under many good and experienced instructors and hopes to pass his experience on for many years to come.

Sensei Andy is proud mostly of all his dedicated students and their gains as he feels this is what is important.

Style Grade Year
Wado Ryu 1st Dan 1993
2nd Dan 1995
3rd Dan 1998
4th Dan 2002
5th Dan 2008
6th Dan 2015
Ju-Jutsu 1st Dan 1994
2nd Dan 2016


Rob Flain

Sensei Rob Flain, Godan (5th Dan)

In 1995 after taking his young sons to Karate, Rob decided to experience his first Karate lesson. He progressed through his belts, focusing mainly on the art of Wado Ryu karate, but grading in a few belts of Ju-Jutsu.

It was on obtaining his first Dan in 1999 that he started to enjoy the teaching aspects of passing on knowledge and experience to others hungry to learn. All his Dan gradings were assessed by Master Tim Greaves and he has been priviledge to meet other high graded instructors over the years.

Karate has become an important part of his life and a discipline that he hopes to continue for a long as ‘body and mind’ will allow. He has been mentored and trained by the chief instructor Master Andy Drumgold and he is sure Andy’s dedication and committment to Karate would be an inspiration to the founder of Wado-Ryu Master Hironori Ohtsuka. Temple martial arts is a very friendly and professionally run club with many dedicated instructors possessing the necessary knowledge and experience to help anyone young or old fulfill their potential in martial arts.

Style Grade Year
Wado Ryu 1st Dan 1999
2nd Dan 2001
3rd Dan 2004
4th Dan 2008
5th Dan 2014


Darren Price

Sensei Darren Price, Yodan (4th Dan)

Darren started his martial arts training in 1991 practicing Tang Soo Do. In 1998 he obtained his red belt (1st kyu equivalent ) after a few years out to concentrate on his professional studies. Unfortunately his club closed down and Darren did not continue his martial Arts training until joining Temple martial Arts in 2002. This was due to his five year old son who persuaded him to join him in learning karate. Darren chose Temple Martial Arts due to its friendly atmosphere and good learning environment for both young and old. Darren had no problem switching to Wado Ryu as many techniques are very similar. Since Darren had been training in martial arts for a number of years and after assessing his standard he was graded straight to blue belt, he has been with the club ever since and still enjoys the friendly atmosphere and training with the friends he has built up over the years.

Style Grade Year
Wado Ryu 1st Dan 2004
2nd Dan 2006
3rd Dan 2009
4th Dan 2014

Assistant Instructor/Welfare Officer/Club Secretary

Alison Whittingham

Alison Whittingham, Sandan (3rd Dan)

(Primary) Contact

Alison started martial arts training after taking her two young daughters to the Temple Martial Arts club. The Wado Ryu style karate is taught as mixed classes of adults and children. This enables everyone to train at the same time.

Alison has been with the club since 2007 and enjoys the professionalism and friendliness that gives it a family orientated feeling. Under the instruction of Master Andy Drumgold and the other senior instructors, she achieved her 1st Dan black belt in 2011, her 2nd in 2013 and her 3rd in 2016.

She is the Welfare Officer as well as the Club Secretary for Temple Martial Arts club and has watched the membership grow in numbers over the years. Alison is pround to be part of this thriving karate club.

Style Grade Year
Wado Ryu 1st Dan 2011
2nd Dan 2013
3rd Dan 2016

Assistant Instructor

Jody Elphick

Jody Elphick, Sandan (3rd Dan)

Jody started karate in 2007 at Ernulf school, due to wanting to start something new. He has worked hard and has proved an extremely dedicated and hard working student that has worked his way up to instructor level.

Jody also holds black belts in kick-boxing and ju-jutsu as well as grades in kobu-jutsu (weapons). His goal is to continue to progress in martial arts and get more involved in helping out in classes.

Jody has also trained with his sister, who is also a member of our club, and hopes to follow in her brother's footsteps.

Style Grade Year
Ju-jutsu 1st Dan 2018

Assistant Instructor

Gabe Evans

Gabe Evans, Sandan (3rd Dan)

Gabe started in our karate classes in 2007 as the youngest of three brothers. He has always worked full-on and has only given one hundred percent to every class and every task.

Gabe also holds black belts in kick-boxing and ju-jutsu where he is proving, as in the karate lessons, that he is a strong and focussed student. He has always been very sporty, competing in rugby and football, mainly at club level, which help his training.

Gabe's goals include future black belts in kobu-jutsu (weapons). He also aims to carry on teaching to a high level.

Style Grade Year
Ju-jutsu 1st Dan 2018

Assistant Instructor

Yvonne Dougherty

Yvonne Dougherty, Nidan (2nd Dan)

I joined Temple Martial Arts back in April 2008 as a mature beginner; my two young sons started training at the club three months before and I thought it would be nice to have a shared interest with them. I am now a 2nd Dan Black Belt in karate.

For me, karate is an enjoyable way to keep fit as well as keeping my brain active mastering the katas. You also have the benefit of learning a life skill, self-defence. As with most things in life, you are always learning and my next target is to master the Japanese language which will help towards my 3rd Dan grading!

Temple Martial Arts has a great sense of community and there is always someone on hand to help you train during the sessions. I enjoy the camaraderie at the club and helping both adults and children to develop their skills.

Style Grade Year
Wado Ryu 1st Dan 2012
2nd Dan 2014

Junior Assistant Instructor

Adam Goodyear

Adam Goodyear, Shodan (2nd Dan)

Adam is currently a second dan black belt in Wado Ryu Karate and first dan in Kickboxing, enjoying his time as a junior instructor.

At the age of 6 Adam started Shotogan Karate, later joining the Temple Martial Arts club at the age of 9 and a green belt. 

This year he hopes to continue his progress to work towards third dan in Karate, also hoping for future Kickboxing grades. He is working to not only improve his techniques, but Adam also aspires to improving his teaching skills and confidence when instructing to pass on his still growing knowledge of Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing.

Style Grade Year
Wado Ryu 1st Dan 2015
2nd Dan 2017