Grading Syllabus

Click on the PDF icons below to see the syllabus for each belt.


There is a minumum 3 month gap between coloured belt gradings (Red to Brown). The minimum gap between brown belt gradings is 6 to 9 months for students who train twice a week and 9 to 12 months for students who train once a week. Students must train a minimum of 3 years before grading for a black belt.

Students will normally be subject to a "pre-grading" to ascertain their suitability to grade to the next belt. No additional charge is made for the pre-grading.


Grade Belt PDF
9th kyu Red
8th kyu Yellow
7th kyu Orange
6th kyu Green
5th kyu Blue
4th kyu Purple
3rd kyu Brown
2nd kyu Brown + White Stripe
1st kyu Brown + Black Stripe
1st Dan Shodan Black
2nd Dan Nidan Black
3rd Dan Sandan Black